For the smallholders

At RiseHarvest, we aim to improve the livelihoods of rice farmers through technology.


What is RiseHarvest?


We have so much to learn from farmers.

At RiseHarvest, we believe that the best way to helping farmers improve their productivity is to listen and work with them.

After speaking to farmers based in Zeyawaddy, Myanmar, we understand that ASEAN smallholder farmers find it very difficult to use fertilizer efficiently. Soil testing and agronomy services are rarely accessible to them, while in developed countries, farmers are able to obtain fertilizer recommendations through the help of an agronomist interpreting a soil test. However, soil testing and agronomy services are just not available to ASEAN smallholder farmers. Consequently, they commonly apply sub-optimal types of fertilizer in sub-optimal quantities at sub-optimal times. This is a leading cause of the low productivity and profitability of ASEAN smallholder farmers, and is the problem we are trying to solve.


The Solution

To help farmers understand their soil better and apply fertilizer in more optimal ways, we are building a smartphone tool to provide free and instant fertilizer recommendations to farmers - personalized for each individual’s specific soil and financial constraints. We plan to work with distribution partners to leverage the impact we can bring to farmers. The tool works with the farmer to co-design fertilizer recommendations using three types of information.


Fertilizer Budget

Firstly, the farmer dictates their fertilizer budget. This helps us understand how much fertilizer they are able to use.


Farming Knowledge

Secondly, the farmer provides knowledge of their farm (e.g. planting date, rice variety, organic fertilizers, cropping history).


Leaf Photos

Thirdly, the farmer takes measurements of their farm using leaf photographs, which are analysed to diagnose nutrient deficiencies.


The farmer can provide as much or as little information as they choose - the more information they give the app, the more personalized the recommendations, and the more the algorithm learns how to improve the recommendations.